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    The Dulles market can be best defined by looking at the sum of its parts. The Dulles Region services 45 percent of the office space market for the two counties combined. On the retail side, the Dulles Region has more than 400 acres of land readily available, heavily subscribed, with only a four percent vacancy and a 30 percent share of the two counties’ retail. On the industrial side, the area offers almost 350 acres of necessary support services, amounting to a 25 percent share of Loudoun and Fairfax.

    Dulles Region serves a significant niche with its hospitality to an international airport community. The region is home to 38 hotels, with a combined presence of 6,300 rooms. These accommodations vary widely, ranging from extended stay chains and budget properties to full service hotels such as Hilton, Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Westin, and several Marriotts, including the five-star Westfields Marriott Conference Center and Resort.

    Of the total rentable building area (RBA) for the Dulles Region, the commercial office space leads with over 1,300 acres and a 19 percent vacancy rate. As the economy revitalizes, office space will be in high demand and when businesses look to expand the Dulles Region will have enough room to accommodate almost everyone.

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