Innovate Conference

Innovate Conference

February 6, 2018


Event Description:

Innovate 2017 – 6th Annual Conference

Welcome to the Future of Health!

In cooperation with Vibrent Health and Virginia Bio, the Dulles Regional Chamber presents the 2017 Innovate Conference.

The 6th Annual Innovate Conference: Bringing Data to Life, will be held at the INOVA Center for Personalized Health in Fairfax, VA.

Bringing Data to Life is realized by the digitalized transformation of Personalized Health and Personalized Medicine.

It becomes personalized by converging state-of-the-art IT (mobile, data analytics, AI, machine learning, telecom) with molecular medicine and ‘omics.

Join the leaders in the Washington, DC region as they gather in Fairfax, VA in a Call to Action on Bringing Data to Life through Personalized Health & Medicine. Speakers and hosts include leaders from National Institute of Health (NIH), Virginia Bio, Vibrent, eKare, National Science Foundation (NSF), AdvaMed Digital, Virginia Tech Carilion, Children’s National Medical Center, Northrup Grumman Health Information Systems, Medimmune, DOD/DHA and more.

Powerful intersections – at the personal, societal, and global levels – are transforming health care and medical treatments. The days of “one size fits all” are numbered as genomics and precision medicine blaze new paths toward individually tailored health solutions.

Spend a morning with us – and invest in a healthier tomorrow!

Hear the fascinating insights of our guest speakers, including Praduman Jain, CEO of Vibrent Health, on how his company’s technology collects genomic and health data to support care providers, researchers and patients. Vibrent Health is partnering with the NIH under a grant from the Precision Medicine Initiative to store and collect data.

Share your views about the challenges and opportunities that lie at the intersection of healthcare, informatics, and personalized medicine.

Where Will YOU Be When the Future Begins?

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