Ignite for Growth Property Committee

Ignite for Growth Property Committee

January 31, 2018


Committee Chairman

Tammy Meyer
Marketing Director
Stonebridge Title, LLC
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Committee Co-Chair

Colleen Shumaker
Branding & Marketing
Paul Davis Restoration
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Committee Co-Chair

Richard Landau
Director, Property Management
Clarke-Hook Corporation
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Ignite for growths aim is to be an educational culture for community awareness with property growth and development in the northern Virginia region. Our goal is to showcase urban growth and development though property highlights, educational series, vendor night outs, mixers and share success stories. Participation on this committee will also entail planning these events, ideally to highlight property and development in the area. We strive to establish significant leadership roles for all levels involved. Our success relies on engaged committed volunteers to fulfill its mission.


  • Highlight property development
  • Market updates & Education
  • Pop-up urban experiences
  • Art & Culture in our neighborhoods
  • Transportation
  • Website project – To highlight our Chamber’s footprint as a diverse area in which to do business; hyper-connected via the Silver Line to the areas international airports.

Meetings to be held 2nd Friday of the month. 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

Meetings and events to be held at various locations to highlight property.

Chamber Contact Information: If you would like more information about the Ignite for Growth Property Committee please contact us by email.