• Data Driven Personalized Health Solutions

  • Vibrent provides SaaS solutions and infrastructure for large-scale digital therapeutics deployments with speed and efficiency.

    Vibrent platform harnesses the power of data from disparate sources such as genomics, environment, family history, electronic health records, biobanks, and lifestyle management to deliver insights and enable scientific discoveries.

    We partner with the healthcare eco-system to accelerate discoveries based on real-world evidence and scientific rigor. Committed to collaboration and shared findings, Vibrent enables device manufactures and pharmaceutical companies to bring products to market, and empower consumers, friends and family, care providers, payers, researchers, advocacy groups and businesses to connect and innovate.

    Vibrent creates customized and branded behavioral and clinical programs for any health context through mobile devices, iPads, laptops and machine learning technologies. Our HIPAA compliant, secure platform enables health programs to reach diverse, geographically distributed individuals, patients, communities, and populations with one system for various age groups and literacy levels.

    Health Programs for Any Context

    We deliver health programs with cost-efficient dissemination, rapid time to launch, and scalability. Some of our programs include:

    • Diabetes Management • COPD Management • Post-Surgical Recovery • Diabetes Prevention • Cancer Survivorship • Speech Rehab • CHF Management • Pain Management • Mindfulness

    Praduman Jain
    Sr. Director of Marketing & Digital Engagement
    Vibrent Health
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