Coming Soon! The WISE Speaker Series

Jul 28, 2020  -  Woodworth Enterprises LLC  -  News & Updates

A few years ago, you heard a story that changed your life, months ago you read an article that changed the way you look at the world, last week you watched a video that made you stop and think. You can influence the people around you by the stories you tell. How many people would be strengthened by your story if you shared?

The WISE Speaker Series will launch soon! It will provide a platform for people to share their insights with others. Speakers will be coached through developing their story, presenting it, and produce a recorded WISE speech or interview. Join us Friday, 31 July 2020, at 10am to learn more and get a start on preparing your own WISE speech! Register here for free: Coffee With Coaches "Polish Your Public Speaking Skills"

You have a great story to share with others. Woodworth Enterprises wants to help you shape that story into an interesting and exciting relatable tale. We have partnered with the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce to kick off this series that will provide a platform for people like you to share your insights with others, exchange your nuggets of wisdom, present your ideas, and collaborate on ways to innovate.

If you, or your company, might be interested in being a part of the series let us know!

We look forward to working with you!

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