Courage: Banish the Inner Saboteurs

May 08, 2023  -  CC Robinson & Associates, LLC  -  Uncategorized

Courage provides both a moral compass as well as an ability to face fear, doubt, and adversity. Understanding your personal sense of courage is critical in being prepared for the reality of challenges as thought leader, entrepreneur, or just as a human being trying to navigate difficult times.

Courage involves moving forward despite such obstacles as apprehension and risk taking. During the April meeting of The Sully Leadshare, current entrepreneurs engaged in a lively dicussion regarding courage and ways to strengthen it:

  • Entrepreneurs must focus on their vision and fortify their “courage to stand up for your business… to be excited… Because if you are not excited about your business, why should I be,” the client from whom you want a sale? - Mike Williams, Growth Coach of Northern Virginia
  • Entrepreneurs must deal with the ability of fear to immobilize, halt, and “punch us in the gut.” Cheryl Brunner, Assistance League, Resource Development.
  • "FEAR: false evidence appearing reall... When I feel the fear, I look for the fun… (as) what you focus on grows." Kathy Steinman, Mary Kay Sales Director.
  • When the gremlins appear, it is important to "remember successes," to learn to say “I’ve never…yet,” and, because you are always on a learning curve, realize “it’s part of the journey.” Craig Cibak, lawyer

Speaking of gremlins - those voices in your mind are also known as “saboteurs.”  There are times, such as making decisions or launching a new plan, when  you are influenced by negative thoughts, have feelings of being an impostor, or are stuck, frozen in action. These saboteurs have negatively impacted  the promotion of your expertise and business. Do you have techniques or plan  for banishing their negativity and fear?

To explore the valuable emotion of "courage," along with inner saboteurs, join guest presenter coach Mardi Winder-Adams (Positive Communication Systems, LLC, during Lunch & Launch on May 12 as she shares strategies that challenge the influence of saboteurs and strengthen the courage to meet them head on. Zoom:

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Author Carol C. Robinson is appreciative of attendees at The Sully Leadshare (April 5, 2023), Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, for their contributions to this topic: Cheryl Brunner, Netta Chiorello, Tammy Meyer, Syed Saleem, Donna Smith, Kathy Steinman, Mike Williams, and guest Craig Cibak.