Toiletries for Children in Need

Sep 18, 2023  -  Assistance League of Northern Virginia  -  Uncategorized

Assistance League is looking to sponsor an event in connection with Volunteer Fairfax on October 21.  To this end we need 100 of each of the following items by not later than October 15:


Gallon ziploc bag
Shampoo (family size)
Toothpaste (family size)
Toothbrushes (4 pack or more)
Deodorant (full size)
Full size bar of soap

Comb & Hairbrush

All items are available at the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree)

We also need 500 Washcloths by not later than September 30.  Please contact Cheryl Brunner if you would like participate.  My email is [email protected] or [email protected].


Thank you for your support!