Technology has given every business the power to increase productivity, instantaneously transfer data, & communicate globally 24/7. Although the private service industry has been labeled "slow to adopt," estate managers have grabbed hold of the opportunities technology has afforded them in order to provide more value to clients & increase the efficiency of estate management. Simplify estate man

With individuals, family offices, and a network of service providers on one platform – EstateSpace is breaking the mold of how estates operate.

There is an anonymous saying that “Teamwork divides the task & doubles the success,” & we see evidence in this in nearly every endeavor – be it a DYI renovation; a film or stage production; or the roll-out of a new product from a multinational corporation. That said, there are different types of teams, each with its own purpose & value, & with utilizing estate management software to enhance team p

Hiring a housekeeper or a cleaning service may seem like the ultimate luxury for many of us. But your time is worth money, & the time you spend scrubbing the kitchen floor might be more profitably, not to mention more enjoyably, spent elsewhere. If you're wondering what a professional housekeeper can do for you, if it's worth it, what the cost is to hire one, and if you can afford it, you're not a

Most people can say that their work experience largely depends on who they work for, but this is especially true of a personal assistant. You are privy to almost every aspect of your employer’s life and, for better or worse, you see the private person behind the face they present to the world. If you have this job, you already have incredible organizational skills, the flexibility to shift gears o

The duties of a personal assistant are as varied as their clients, and oftentimes become more defined as trust builds between the two. For this reason, many people & businesses are turning to all-in-one platforms such as EstateSpace, that a provide an operational hub for daily tasks & large projects, increasing your efficiency while reducing drama so you can focus on the things & relationships tha

Estate management is like any other career – to get to the top you must work tirelessly to cultivate new skills & hone those you already have. That said, if you have the organizational skills, the stamina, and a passion for learning, supported with the right tools like EstateSpace you can improve how you manage estates, physical assets, staff & supporting service providers.

There are various ways to improve physical asset management. One way is by using estate management software. This type of solution can help managers keep track of assets, schedule repairs & maintenance, & generate reports. This includes the buildings, grounds, & infrastructure. It also includes things like appliances, lighting & plumbing fixtures, & equipment. EstateSpace empowers you with real-ti

Being a property manager is probably one of the most challenging careers out there. It requires the patience of a saint, the juggling skills of a circus performer, & the stamina of a professional athlete. Here are a few foundational things you can put in place for managing multiple properties that will help you excel at your job & keep your sanity.

Our day-to-day can be overwhelming, & not just because of the big-ticket items like work projects & fitness regimens. In fact, it’s often the endless, cumulative minutiae that rob us of time & energy. Managing the day-to-day with EstateSpace, it becomes less of a juggling act & more of flow, allowing you to carve out time to relax & enjoy the people & things you care about most.

Serving as estate manager to the UHNW set is more than a job or even a career – it is a lifestyle &, in many ways a state of being, that has its own unique challenges. That said, with the right skills & tools like EstateSpace, you can improve how you manage estates, physical assets, staff & supporting service providers.

EstateSpace helps individuals, business & family offices simplify how they manage estates, physical assets, staff & supporting service providers.

Communication has changed drastically over the past few decades. Now, we have to be very strategic about choosing the right words (or at least soften them with an emoji) to convey the right message & tone via text, email, & social media. The good news is that while technology has made communication more challenging, there are also digital tools, such as EstateSpace, that can assist with improving

Every construction project will have some challenges, & while you can’t anticipate or eliminate everything that can go wrong, you do have some control over the extent to which it hijacks your life. Using the right tools – at the outset can help you stay calm & organized with a streamlined & more efficient process.

We all love those inspirational before & after pics showing a once tired & dated home transformed into a modern showstopper. But what those pin-worthy pictures don’t show you is the time, money, & hard work that went into that renovation & the hidden problems that likely popped up along the way. If you're in private service with a list of projects in your future, here are a few tips to help th