Despite all the pandemic has thrown at us, many people are actually seizing upon these fluid times to create their own new normal. And there is always something we can do to better manage our lives. #lifestylemangement #lifestyle #productivity

DYK: Lifestyle management solutions can offer clarity and remedy effects of the pandemic blurring the lines between the various aspects of our lives. #lifestyle #luxury #lifestylemanagement

With the #NewYear right around the corner, we are regaining the sense that we can design our future, rather than just adapting to events. The question is, how do we do this when our lives are still in flux?

Complex lifestyles can be challenging to manage even when we’re living it almost exclusively from inside our homes.

During these challenging times, #familyoffices have an opportunity to uplevel the services they provide. This includes an expansion from traditional #wealthmanagement and #estateplanning into #lifestylemanagement.

Use this time “on pause” to reevaluate your assets, take advantage of the most efficient tools to manage them, and prepare your heirs of any generation to do the same should the unexpected occur.

If you have a passion for haute couture, you already know that the clothes on your back – literally – are works of art that if properly cared for can appreciate over time. #realpropertyassets #digitaltransformation #assetmanagementsolutions

As we enter the last few months of 2020, we continue to be reminded each day how circumstances can change on a dime, and last longer than originally thought. We are also realizing the importance of taking stock of our lives, home inventory and figuring out how to best position ourselves moving forward. When it comes to wealth management, this includes becoming aware of our physical assets to see h

The Covid pandemic has made us reevaluate everything in our lives - changing the way we think about our wealth, both in the present & in anticipation of an uncertain future. Here are some things to consider when #estateplanning. #wealthmanagement

Where ever you are in life professionally or financially, it is never too early to engage a #wealthmanager, start getting advice and look to secure your financial future. #wealthmanagement #fintech #estateplanning

Start maximizing the benefits of a #completeportfolio for you & your family. Get a clear, comprehensive view, of all your #physicalassets, their value, & what you need to do in order to preserve and maintain it for generations to come. #wealthmanagement

In some ways, managing one’s estate is a lot like managing anything else life – some people will be tempted to oversee every detail (i.e. checking in with their household staff several times a day regarding everything from mundane tasks to the preparations for a dinner party), while others may all but abdicate their role as principal and rely too heavily on their financial advisors.

#Realestate will always be a complicated business, but #fintech can help simplify the process & increase the chances of closing that next deal; it can also free up time to focus on marketing the business & connecting with future clients. #property

It’s no surprise then that many people, even those of high net worth, are often unaware of the true value of their physical assets and what’s needed to maintain them. As a result, they may be missing out on opportunities, literally right under their noses, to preserve and grow their wealth.

Your #physicalassets should be something you treasure & look forward to enjoying, not a burden or source of worry. Having the ability to manage your #physicalassets at your fingertips may very well be your port in the storm. #realestate #fintech