The estate and property management industry is facing a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed with innovative technology. It involves implementing the plan using a complete solution.

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Any time we are involved in a collaborative effort, the ability to envision the end #goal & the steps it will take to get there is key to #success. The good news is that while #technology has made #communication more challenging, there are also digital tools, such as {{linkedin_mention(urn:li:organization:28462382|EstateSpace)}} that can assist with improving your #estate communications. #estat

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Managing the renovation of an #estate can be an exciting endeavor that requires you to draw on your creative, organizational, & interpersonal skills. It will also always have its challenges – everything from unexpected weather events & faulty equipment to different personalities & temperaments. {{linkedin_mention(urn:li:organization:28462382|EstateSpace)}} can help you juggle all the moving parts

Estate managers & family offices are increasingly looking to adopt #householdtechnology in order to improve the management of their #estates & properties. By having access to real-time information, they can make better decisions about how to allocate resources & respond to maintenance requests. Are you ready to level up your workflow? #estatemanagers #familyoffice #estatemanagement #proper

If you’re an estate manager, you know that “manager” doesn’t just pertain to your oversight of the #property, but the #household staff, gardeners, vendors, and so on. If you find yourself picking up the slack and having far too many uncomfortable conversations, it’s time to up your team’s game with an all-in-one #platform.   Start today with a free trial! #estatemanagers #estatemanagement #

It’s safe to say that if you’re managing a large #estate, your client & their #family are extremely busy people who do not have the time or energy to devote to running their home. Upgrading your technology can revolutionize the way you do your job along with improving #estatemanagement and make your life, as well as those of your clients, much smoother. #estatemanagers #familyoffice #lifestylem

EstateSpace helps families and family offices manage their estates, physical assets, staff and supporting service providers. #estatemanagers #familyoffice #propertymanagers #estatemanagement

There are many proven benefits, both mental and physical, to household organization. That said, this can be a daunting endeavor, bringing up issues of #timemanagement and attachment to “stuff.” Here are some tips with #householdorganization to minimizing the discomfort and maximizing the gains. #privateservice #estatemanagement #familyofficeservices #howto #organize #productivity #tech #success

EstateSpace helps families and family offices manage their estates, physical assets, staff and supporting service providers.