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The Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF) is seeking on-call front-desk workers for its Centreville Labor Resource Center (CLRC). Candidates should be mature, confident, dependable, adaptable, and flexible individuals who are culturally aware, and have a strong desire to help immigrants and residents who seek employment as day laborers.

The front-desk workers will work directly with employers and members of the CIF to arrange jobs and ensure mutual understanding of job requirements and fair wages as well as to keep accurate records on the organization’s CRM
software. The front-desk workers will immediately report any work conflicts that may arise to the Program Manager or to the Executive Director. Additional responsibilities may be assigned depending on the Center’s business needs.

Candidates must be eligible to work for any employer in the U.S.; fluent in English and Spanish; Have the ability to multitask (i.e. answering phones while interacting with center members, employers, and volunteers); Strong organizational and interpersonal skills; Strong oral and written communication; Computer literacy (Microsoft word, excel, outlook, google docs, etc.); Willingness to learn new software: Customer service experience preferred.

The Labor Center is open between 6-11 AM in the Spring and Summer and between 7-11 AM in the Fall and Winter. The front-desk
workers will need to be able to work those hours on Saturdays and on other days when the Labor Center Manager is not available or needs extra assistance.

Positions pay $15-17 per hour and are not eligible for benefits. Positions will be
filled as soon as possible. To be considered, please send your resume to [email protected] 

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