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Energy Network/ Med Network

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At Energy Network -We assist large industrial, commercial, institutional, and private equity clients in driving excellence and in reducing operational expenses within the areas of Energy Supply, Energy Demand, Water, Waste/Recycling, MRO purchasing, and Utility Bill Optimization. At Med Network we are dedicated to finding ways to bring the most advanced and beneficial technology to patients and physicians. With an unyielding commitment to bettering patient health, we provide patients and physicians with innovative solutions, creating outstanding value with disciplined execution, strategic partnerships, and principled leadership.


Lower costs, improve operations and reduce carbon footprints in the areas of:

Energy SupplyOur Houston desk of experts aligns with clients to reduce electricity and natural gas costs to favor their unique needs and risk appetites associated with broad portfolios – and changing markets.

United States | Canada | Mexico | Germany | France | Australia | UK

  • Licensed & Bonded to operate in all deregulated domestic and international markets.
  • Largest network of Retail Energy Suppliers, with over 1,000 worldwide.
  • Extensive pricing volume of $2.5 Billion annually under contract.
  • Ability to leverage wholesale energy market intel to improve clients’ market positions
  • #2 Largest Annual Electricity Volume Under Management within the US in 2019-2020.*
  • #3 Largest Annual Natural Gas Volume Under Management within the US in 2019-2020.*
  • #1 Largest Broker of Electricity in Mexico.
  • There are no out-of-pocket costs to the company to use our services.
  • Energy Demand Reduction:
  • IoT Metering - Single solution for building, circuit, and asset-level data.  Visualize anomalies and identify savings opportunities with granular energy data and reporting.
  • Demand Response Programs - Get paid to curtail electricity usage during extreme weather events.
  • Lighting - White glove approach, with speed to savings for installations/upgrades utilizing a rapid deployment model.
  • Co-Generation and Combined Heat & Power installations provide independence from the grid & lower costs and carbon footprint. Can be financed with Energy Service Agreements.
  • . Green Energy – We de-risk our client’s strategic energy procurement. As your concierge, green energy we simplify the process to source reliable wholesale energy for your facilities with less friction.  We provide PPA’s that are right for you, Physical PPA’s, Virtual PPA’s & Insured Virtual PPA’s.  We have the largest Global Network.



Our company has seen 5 dangers all doctors have faced in their practice over the past 13 years including their income decreasing, staff expenses increasing, increased workload, insurance nightmares, and even as an industry the respect for doctors is fading. We have been able to share with other practices a way to help more patients and make more money for the doctor, and their practice, and it won’t cost you a penny, which means to you, more money, less stress, better reimbursement experience, better patient treatment.

We connect medical facilities and hospitals to a network of advanced technologies and sustainable solutions, creating a better experience for you, your patients, and your facility.

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