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Looking to hire a Commercial Janitorial/Covid-19 Disinfecting Service in Loudoun County VA?

Lost in all the options? Well, you can stop your search! Here at Phoenix, we offer the best of the best. We have the most competitive rates, as well as the best quality services that are available on the market.

With our team of professionals, your expectations are sure to be blown away. We go the extra mile to ensure our customer satisfaction and do not accept anything other than perfection in our line of work. Our experienced team of experts provides exceptional experiences to our clients, as we have held our client relationships for years- even creating friendships.

Commercial Janitorial Service in Virginia, Maryland, and DC

With our small business, you can feel good about supporting us while feeling good about the job we are doing. Our increasing performance makes us the top choice for any Commercial Facility Manager looking for a commercial cleaning service. Phoenix Service, LLC. has the knowledge and experience to prepare an effective and cost-efficient program.

We cater to every facility, covering all your requirements, concerns, and especially your budget. Therefore, our service leaves you feeling good about your purchase and with a clean and organized work environment suitable to increase productivity amongst your employees. Our variety of services, customer service and expert team are second to none. 


Our Commercial Cleaning Services 

We offer the most diverse set of Commercial Janitorial / Covid-19 Disinfecting Service in VA, MD, and DC. We value providing our community and clients with a clean and safe environment at the highest level. This motivates us to excel in our work. 

We cater to our clients needs and have an individualized cleaning plan for each facility because we recognize every space has different needs. 

 Some of the commercial services we offer include:

  • ENVIRO-SAFE-99.999%  Covid-19Disinfecting
  • Trauma Cleaning
  • Bio Hazard Cleaning

These services are unlike any other Commercial Janitorial/ Disinfecting Service in the DMV area. We even offer eco friendly services- which will make you feel even better about your investment. We have the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and personnel to handle any commercial cleaning project. We can clean all types of facilities because we have trained cleaners. Thanks to our trained staff, we can ensure that you will be satisfied beyond your expectations. Hiring a professional cleaning company allows you and your staff to remain focused on your jobs and projects, creating a space for productivity. 

Customer Services and Expert Team

We here at Phoenix put our customers first. We firmly believe our company only exists because of our clients, and we run our company with that mindset. As a local Commercial Janitorial Service in Washington– we treat our customers with the utmost respect and consideration.

We consistently build strong relationships with our customers and continue to give them the best service throughout many years. We have a variety of communication options so our clients can choose which one best suits them. We respond promptly with any information needed, and get a feel for your unique cleaning requirements.

We recognize that every facility has unique situations and standards, so we make communication of these as easy and efficient as possible. Customer satisfaction is a top priority by employing innovative technology and highly trained technicians capable of handling any cleaning project.

Our goal is to leave every square inch of your space cleaner and healthier. Your business is important to us and we want you to succeed. This success is only possible in a good environment, which we are here to provide. 

A Cleaning Company You Can Trust

We ensure this by our rigorous hiring processes that include a background check, so we know that our employees are to be trusted. These background checks include criminal records and whether they abuse drugs. All our employees coming into your space have been completely certified, their employment history verified, and passed a drug screening and background check.

We promise professionalism by re-training our employees on ethics and discharge of duties. We do not take chances when it comes to the quality of our employees to ensure the best experience for our customers. With years of delivering first-class cleaning at an economic price, Phoenix employees are bonded, certified, and insured to provide top-notch results.

We prioritize our customers to have the cleanest environments. Therefore, we hire only certified and trained individuals. This training is followed by continuous education while employed with us. This education allows them to be proficient in our technology and equipment.

Being insured allows us to make sure we are protecting our employees and clients against any form of liability. Our cleaners always arrive on time and perform perfection swiftly and efficiently. With our experience, training and education- your space is going to sparkle like never before. 

Why a cleaning service? 

Sometimes hiring a cleaning service can seem at the bottom of the long list of things you need to worry about. With this being said, it is a necessity to act upon for the guess of your space. When hiring Phoenix, you are sure to see the direct positive impact it makes. Work productivity will increase, given that your workers will not be worried about cleaning their space.

This allows for more time for them to focus on their actual job. It also provides a safe space for them to work. The cleaner the space, the healthier. The healthier the space, the healthier your employees which goes back into productivity. In the long run you will save money on cost. The more upkeep on your space, the less damage you will need to fix. We are well versed in professional equipment and how to clean it- so you do not have to worry about damage when cleaning. 


Best of the Best Commercial Janitorial Service in VA, MD, and D.C.

All in all, we are the best Commercial Janitorial/ Covid-19 Disinfecting Service in the DMV area. Through our excellent customer service, trustworthy and certified team working towards our variety of services- we are here for you. We have high expectations when it comes to clean and so should our clients. We are here to provide a clean and safe environment for you. Take it from us, we are well experienced in this field- there is no one better than Phoenix.

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