De-stress and Re-set: Entrepreneurs Can't Afford Not To

Everyone needs to take the time to just stop and assess what is happening with their energy, creativity, and motivation.  What stressors are rearing their heads and blocking progress with goals and endeavors?  In what ways can you re-set yourself during times that are unprecedented and challenging to the max?

Join us during March’s Lunch & Launch as Presenter JoAnn Sheffield works with participants to (1) identify and explore answers about overcoming stressors that are impacting life and business efforts and (2) engage in strategies to re-set the energy and creativity that you have within yourself.

JoAnn Sheffield is on a mission as a transformational coach to empower adults and entrepreneurs to live from the heart of what really matters to them. After 13 years in private practice as a  psychotherapist, JoAnn earned her ACC certification with the International Coaching Federation following training from Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. Along with coaching, she conducts seminars on “Emotional Intelligence”, “Courageous Conflict Resolution”, and “What is Coaching? How Can It Improve My Business or Life.” JoAnn also leads a Women's Empowerment Group to help them embrace their spirit and energy.

JoAnn Sheffield

Transition and Mindset Coach

Empowerment Coaching with JoAnn Sheffield

~ working with mindsets and transitions ~

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Lunch & Launch is a virtual lunch with like-minded entrepreneurs to reflect and celebrate successes, big and small, from the past month and to launch new ideas or actions for the upcoming month. Held on fourth Fridays, a general topic is provided to foster conversations, spur thinking, and initiate change. 

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March 25, 2022 @ 12:00 pm
March 25, 2022 @ 1:00 pm


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