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Happy Hour Artists Talk - Friday April 8, 6 - 8pm with free refreshments New York artist Harvey Konigsberg, presented by Herndon's Heaven and Earth Aikido Center, will delight and entertain with a talk about his amazing work which will be displayed at Arts Herndon from Thursday until Saturday evening. Don't miss this unique opportunity to see his work - usually only seen in New York Galleries

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Most business owners recognize the benefit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing to promote their business, but many don’t realize how being a member of your Chamber of Commerce can benefit your SEO.

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Anger, rage, passion, sadness...smash away all your tension on a car!

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Engage with South Lakes High School students about job opportunities and career services!

According to a recent MetLife’s 18th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study from 2020, 4 in 10 employees stated they struggle to navigate the demands that come with today’s more flexible, “always-on” work-life world. There may be a way for employers to be proactive and stay ahead of employee burnout.

Need an idea on how to celebrate this Valentine's? Come to G&C Tire and Auto Service to donate your blood and SAVE A LIFE! 

From reduced healthcare costs to increased employee morale, there are many benefits for employers to offer wellness programs and services to employees. As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers and employees are seeking for ways to lower their costs. Preventative health and wellness programs do just that! These programs are designed to help improve employees’ behavior to achieve better healt