We are very pleased to announce that the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce (DRCC) is now at your disposal for the review and approval of Certificates of Origin, following the newly-approved guidelines for the same. Thanks to the support of Citibank's Commercial Banking team, this service is free to all DRCC members and $100.00 per request for non-members. For more information please email [email protected]

Certification stamps are scheduled by appointment only.  Please email [email protected] to schedule appointment 

Please download and bring with you the attached letter of indemnity on your letterhead. Be sure it includes the signature of a representative of your company authorized to sign.

If you elect to use your own form, please make sure that your form is notarized, signed and includes the language of the paragraph contained in our form as stated below:

The Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, a recognized chamber under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA, has examined the manufacturer's invoice or shipper's affidavit concerning the origin of the merchandise and according to the best of its knowledge and belief finds that the products named originated in the country shown above. This certification, however, is solely based on the information provided by the shipper/exporter/manufacturer, and the chamber expresses no opinions regarding its accuracy and assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies or errors in the statements, affidavits or other documents.