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Nov 20, 2020  -  Game On Coaching Corp.  -  Uncategorized

Today's #leadership quote

“Let fear be a counselor and not a jailer.” Tony Robbins

Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the ability to push forward despite the fear. Fear is the body's natural reaction for self preservation and is intended to keep us safe. We are not born with it but we develop it through life experiences. Over time we learn what type of activities can lead to physical or emotional pain and we attempt to avoid those activities. While fear can keep us safe and therefore be healthy it can also prevent us from growing and achieving that which we are capable of. Some of the most common fears like fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and the fear of rejection impose limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching our potential. Athletes know that if they push past those beliefs there are few limits to what can be accomplished. Being rejected by others is painful but by overcoming that fear, we find the tribes we were meant to be a part of. The uncertainty of the unknown is daunting but facing new circumstances is how we grow. It is wise to face these fears with a bit of trepidation. We all should evaluate a situation to understand the potential risk prior to leaping blindly into the fire. Fear however should be an advisor and not our master

All of us can benefit from counseling to push past our limitations and grow to reach our potential.  From your earliest particiipation in atheltics of any type, a coach has helped you  grow.   If you want to find out how to grow your business to reach your potential give me a call at 703 445-3133.   You will be glad that you did.