G&C Tire and Auto Service would like to thank all first responders for their selfless service in the community. Come by for your FREE lunch!

Catalytic converters are being stolen at an increasingly high rate due to the valuable metals within the converters. Thieves target these converters because they are easy to remove, and very hard to trace once stolen.

Every year G&C partners with Marine Toys for Tots Foundation in the Toys for Tots Program to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunate children at Christmas.

Many families in our area do not know where their next meal is coming from.

"Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. 1 blood donation can help save up to 3 lives." ~American Red Cross

Play a fun twist of regular bingo and win a cut of meat. All the while supporting 10-year old Kinsley McCormack's battle with cancer.

Pipe Hitters Union Motorcycle Club, Danger Close Annual Cornhole Tournament is here!

🎁🧸Donate toys in the month of July to help those in need!

Anger, rage, passion, sadness...smash away all your tension on a car!

Need an idea on how to celebrate this Valentine's? Come to G&C Tire and Auto Service to donate your blood and SAVE A LIFE! 

Today is the start of our annual Turkey  and Toy Drives! Generous donations through the years  have helped many less fortunate families and children  in our the community.

In celebration of the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day, G&C is hosting Men's Night on November 13th from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Join us this Saturday, October 9th, for two fundraiser events to support Kinsley's cancer battle!

❤️💛💗 We truly appreciate all who came out to Meat Bingo this past weekend to support our deployed service members through Operation Turbo! We enjoyed seeing everyone having fun, drinking some cold ones from Honor Brewing Company, yelling “Road Kill”, and most of all—WIN MEAT! See you again at our next Meat Bingo! Click to learn more about Operation Turbo.

Come git yer meats! Meat Bingo is TONIGHT! 6-8pm. Sign up at https://bit.ly/meatbingoaug14