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Preparing for retirement has changed dramatically throughout the last several decades. Not only are people living longer due to improved health care, but costs have dramatically increased all around. (Kiplinger article, 10/25/2022)

Today is considered a period of heightened legislative risk for qualified accounts – like IRAs and 401(k)s – as well as Roth accounts. This is mainly due to our government’s growing need for new tax revenue to offset increased spending as well as Congress’s indication that much of this new tax revenue will be generated from new and evolving taxes on retirement accounts.

Rising taxes in retirement is a risk some savers haven't considered. Is your retirement approach prepared? Discover your potential retirement tax bill - and options for potentially reducing it. Contact us today:

Have you asked the question: Is it likely your taxes will be significantly lower in retirement than they are today? Obviously, we don’t know where tax rates will be in the future. But we can look at ways taxes could change for you in the future.

So you can be there for them.

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Because tax-deferred accounts require participants to ultimately pay income tax on contributions and accumulation, the overall taxes projected to be paid is an important consideration. Below is an example of a tax-deferred account, like an IRA. This example shows the taxes deferred at the time of contribution, and the taxes owed at the time of withdrawal.

New tax rules are creating confusion.

IRS says, tax season 2021 officially opens on Jan. 24. Need help, let us know. We deliver a comprehensive financial & tax solutions for Business Owners & Professionals to significantly reduce taxes, build income for life & provide wealth transfer to their beneficiaries.

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