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Most people can say that their work experience largely depends on who they work for, but this is especially true of a personal assistant. You are privy to almost every aspect of your employer’s life and, for better or worse, you see the private person behind the face they present to the world. If you have this job, you already have incredible organizational skills, the flexibility to shift gears o

America’s $7 Trillion Retirement Crisis Is Only Getting Worse Americans have been warned for years of an impending retirement crisis. Yet the situation is getting worse. Even when everything was going right — inflation was nonexistent, interest rates were low and stocks were in an extended bull market — there was a multi-trillion dollar savings shortfall. Contact us today to assess your r

Locally popular catering company which gives back to the Communities of Reston and Herndon. Appetize

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The world is full of advice on how to save yet no one really looks at the best part of saving…being able to spend it! While there certainly are folks who will tell you how to spend your money once you get there, no one is focusing on what to do today to set yourself up to spend and spend efficiently while reducing the risk of running out of money.

The duties of a personal assistant are as varied as their clients, and oftentimes become more defined as trust builds between the two. For this reason, many people & businesses are turning to all-in-one platforms such as EstateSpace, that a provide an operational hub for daily tasks & large projects, increasing your efficiency while reducing drama so you can focus on the things & relationships tha