The DRCC International Business Council’s mission is to promote increased trade, investment and job growth in the region, thereby increasing the use of one of the region’s key assets - Washington Dulles International Airport.

The Committee’s aim is to provide a platform for engaging in a global dialogue (“Global Virtual Exchange”) on economic and business opportunities and challenges. Participation on this committee will also entail planning of global events, which include partnerships with other international economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, embassies, international airports and airlines, service providers and, of course, international companies.

South Korea June 17, 2020

Wine and Tourism August 26, 2020 - Part 1

Wine and Tourism August 26, 2020 - Part 2

US-UK Trade and Business Opportunities - November 18, 2020

VIETNAM Feb 2, 2021

Special IBC + Ignite Webinar: Integrating Mobility in Public Space(s) & Creating More Livable Communities April 8, 2021

Virginia: A Gateway to U.S. - Africa Trade April 19, 2021