Didlake, Inc.

Didlake, Inc.

  Phone: (+1) 703-361-4195   Address: 8641 Breeden Avenue Manassas, Virginia - 20110, US


All people have the right to work and contribute to their community in meaningful ways. Our mission is to create opportunities that enrich the lives of people with disabilities. It drives everything we do.

Our programs and services help people find competitive employment and get engaged with their community. We collaborate with community members and local businesses to further our mission and successfully effect change.

Join us! Together we can advance the integration of people with disabilities into our workforce and our communities.

From Startup to Industry Leader: Analyzing the Growth Strategies of Successful Companies - Dec 05, 2023

Each business possesses its unique "secret sauce" for success, yet the key ingredients utilized by industry leaders consistently emerge in various recipes. When we observe companies across different sectors that have carved out a niche for themselves in the market, we can identify crucial consistencies and extract valuable lessons. Whether it's scalability, effective brand management, seamless

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Lakia Graham Marketing Manager 703-361-4195