Guernsey, Inc.

Guernsey, Inc.

  Phone: (+1) 703-968-8200   Address: 45070 Old Ox Road Dulles, VA - 20166, USA

Supply chain and procurement management services made simple.

We value excellence, engagement, and innovation.

Each day we strive to find a better way to serve our customers and our community, and that drives our vision: to produce and sustain a culture of commitment to flawless execution by consistently delivering our value proposition, lowest total cost, to our customers—and to do it all in a way that we can feel good about. That might not mean what you expect. It doesn’t mean, for example, that we can’t make tough decisions. It means that we live with tough decisions in mind, always preparing for winter, always staying lean and efficient so we can weather hard times like a champ. Our mission is to help our customers maximize efficiency, driving costs down to keep things running smoothly, and we’d be pretty hypocritical if we didn’t prioritize efficiency ourselves.

Steps to De-stress from Work Life - Apr 28, 2022

Back-to-back meetings, worrying about your next career move, life situations — don’t be stressed. Work can get a bit dreadful at times but you’re not alone. Let’s take a step back together and relax. Here’s a list of things you can start today to ease your nine to five.

Name Title Phone Bio
Steve Crawford Account Executive
David Guernsey President & CEO
Donna Guernsey (insert title)
Douglas Guernsey Executive Vice President | COO
Savannah Guernsey Senior Marketing Specialist
Jake Mages Category Manager
Ron McNulty Senior Account Executive
John Nichol Product Manager
Gordon Thrall Senior VP
Philip Allin Executive Vice President