Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

  Phone: (+1) 703-417-8600   Address: 1 Aviation Circle MA-16 Washington, DC - 20001, USA


The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is a public body politic and corporate, created with the consent of the Congress of the United States by the District of Columbia Regional Airports Authority Act of 1985, as amended, and Ch. 598, Virginia Acts of Assembly of 1985, as amended. The purpose of this entity is to plan, provide and actively manage world class access to the global aviation system in a way that anticipates and serves the needs of the National Capital area.

The Authority's mission is to develop, promote, and operate safely Reagan National and Dulles International airports, continually striving to improve our efficiency, customer orientation, and the level of air service offered at National and Dulles. We will be the best managed airports in the United States.


The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is governed by a 17-member Board of Directors. The Board establishes policy and provides direction to management, and its authority is plenary. Members of the Board are appointed by the Governors of Virginia and Maryland, the Mayor of Washington, D.C., and the President of the United States.

Name Title Phone Bio
Michael Cabbage Corporate Relations Program Manager
Michael Cooper State & Local Government Affairs Manager
Jerome Davis Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Office
Dennis Hazell Manager, Customer Service
Julia Hodge Deputy VP, Corporate Risk and Strategy
Dawn Klassen Director of Real Estate
Deborah Lipman Manager, Government Affairs
David Mould VP,Communications
Wanda Onafua Accounts Payable -MA22B
James Poff (insert title)
Jack Potter President & Chief Executive Officer
Yil Surehan VP, Airline Business Dev
Mike Stewart Dulles Airport Manager
Ian Chyun Airline Business Development Director