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Holland America’s Volendam Will Become Temporary Home for Ukrainian Refugees

If you’re managing an estate, you know that providing comfort for your clients is no small feat. In fact, it is like running a small business, requiring not only the right team but a carefully designed & well-executed plan. Here are some ways having an estate management software like EstateSpace can help you improve how you manage people, process, & strategy. Contact us today to learn more!

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There is a reason why they say that moving to a new house is one of the most exhausting and stress-inducing things you can do in life. Yet with a few clever tricks up your sleeve, you can turn a stressful event into a seamless operation. From simple tips to genius hacks, we’ve sought out solutions to some of the common mistakes people make when moving home.

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The goal of EstateSpace is to enhance operations, streamline processes, & improve estate management. This includes the buildings, grounds, & infrastructure. It also includes things like furniture, fixtures, & equipment.

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A family office can help you manage your estate and all its complexities. EstateSpace provides the single solution you need to make the process simpler & more efficient. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

New tax rules are creating confusion.