May 2011: Presentation from Rail to Dulles Director Patty Nicoson

May 20, 2020  -  Uncategorized
The Chamber’s Economic Development Committee recently had a presentation from Rail to Dulles Director Patty Nicoson. Discussion then followed on the current perils facing the Rail to Dulles project. Items to note included the following.
  • The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors is threatening to renege on the Rail to Dulles Project if costs don’t go down.
  • Congressman Wolf and several chambers, including ours, have sent letters to MWAA’s Chairman expressing disappointment with MWAA’s decision to elect the costlier below-ground station option at the Airport.
  • Congressman Wolf has proposed legislation to add five Virginia members to the MWAA Board and give local governments a say in the selection of those members.
  • Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood recently cited the Rail to Dulles Project as the #1 transportation project in the nation.
  • There is $1.7 Billion of Federal monies involving a TIFEA bond that might be applied to this project. This would significantly reduce the burden on toll road commuters.
  • The price of labor for Phase 2 will be the same as Phase 1. MWAA’s decision to use the PLA (union labor) process will not raise costs and will allow the quality work done on Phase 1.
  • Parking at the Loudoun stations could be private.
  • MWAA should seek other funding sources.
  • The funding of other roads not directly related to the toll road should not be funded with toll road money.
  • New mechanisms such as peak pricing and distance tolling are being considered.