Category:  Management

This position oversees program managers and budgetary activities of community services.  This position assures full compliance with standards promulgated by DBHDS, DMAS, DSS, DOL, CARF, and HIPAA among others.  As such, this position is expected to ensure operational program consistency across all site locations and may be appointed as Acting Vice President of Rehabilitation Services in the absence of the Vice President.

Program Direction

  • Provide direct supervision, training, and guidance to Day Support Program Managers, PSN Manager, and Transportation staff.
  • Directs the provision of high-quality services including Day Support Programs and the Personal Support Network (PSN).
  • Directs and oversees consumer transportation services for Didlake, Inc.
  • Ensure programs and all associated personnel are in regulatory compliance with all applicable mandates as directed by DMAS, DBHDS, CARF, DOL, and any other contracting authority.
  • Monitors and oversees the Referral, Intake, Placement, and Discharge (RIPD) process for Community Service programs.
  • Ensures that programs are adequately staffed, supervised and that consumers are engaged in meaningful activities.
  • Directs and oversees the development and implementation of Individualized Service Plans (ISPs).
  • In conjunction with Human Resources, oversees all personnel actions for the rehabilitation division.
  • Serves as Didlake's subject matter expert and collaborates with Didlake's Training Coordinator to ensure best practices in service delivery.
  • Assures corporate training requirements are met and professional development activities occur.
  • Maintains high morale and competency among staff and contractors.
  • Maintains a high degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Attends professional seminars and training programs.
  • Reviews all incident and accident reports and provides comments/recommendations/actions within a 24-hour response.
  • Determine incidents that meet Serious Incident Reporting and follow all investigative and reporting processes as required by state regulations.
  • Negotiates with contractors for direct services and consultation.
  • Oversees the efficient, effective, and timely completion of all data and documentation processes.
  • Completes assignments relevant to strategic plan goals and objectives, outcomes measurement standards, and actions register items.
  • Aggregates and collect data for outcomes measurement and program evaluation purposes and reports findings to the Vice President of Rehabilitation.
  • Designation of Risk Management and Quality Improvement manager for all Licensed Rehabilitation services.
  • Ensure Day Support services are in full compliance with Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings Regulations;
    • In a setting that is integrated into and supports full access to the greater community;
    • Is selected by the individual from a variety of settings options;
    • Ensures individual rights of privacy, dignity, respect, and freedom from coercion and restraint;
    • Optimizes autonomy and independence in making life choices;
    • Facilitates choice regarding services and who provides them.
    • Requires that the person-centered planning process is directed by the individual or individual’s chosen representative;
    • Outlines the minimum requirements for person-centered service plans with individually identified goals and preferences.
  • Oversee that all DSP staff follow safety protocols to include wearing designated personal protective equipment and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting assigned program sites and vehicles at least daily and regularly disinfecting areas designated as “high touch” throughout the day.

Finance and Administration

  • Collaborates with Human Resources on the implementation and compliance of all corporate policies and procedures and rules and regulations promulgated by DBHDS, CARF, and DMAS.
  • Directs, oversees, and/or conducts performance appraisals.
  • Assures timely and accurate submission of billing documentation.
  • Develops operational proposals.
    • Implement approved budgets.
    • Reviews cost center reports for accuracy.
    • Monitors and reports variances concerning staffing ratios as well as purchases of services contracts and other fund revenues and expenditures allocated to assigned cost centers.
    • Reconciles variances with accounting.
    • Analyzes budgetary issues and makes recommendations to the Vice President of Rehabilitation and Chief Financial Officer.
  • Adheres to financial management policies, procedures, and practices in relation to purchasing activities.
  • Monitors the utilization of funds from CSBs and ensures full utilization.
  • Completes and maintains all Didlake required training.


Marketing and Public Relations

  • Aids in the development of marketing materials in conjunction with the Communications Department and implementation of corporate branding initiatives.
  • Attends School to Work transition fairs, provider forums, and conducts tours to generate referrals.
  • Represents Didlake at local and state levels on committees, task forces, and workgroups designed to create and sustain opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Networks with referral sources to market programs and services.
  • Provides information and resources and educates clients and/or families about Didlake's programs and services to parlay new referrals to Didlake, Inc.
  • Assists the Vice President of Rehabilitative Services in the development of RFP responses, grant writing, and fundraising activities.
  • Works closely with the Communications Department in selected public relations events and/or activities as appropriate.


  • MA/MS and three (3) years experience in a human services-related field or BA/BS degree and six (6) years of human services-related experience working with individuals with disabilities.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Three (3) years of experience must be in the delivery of human services to adults with significant disabilities.
  • Three (3) years of supervisory experience are required.
  • Have demonstrated experience in positive, proactive behavior management techniques.
  • Have best practice knowledge and demonstrated professional networks established locally, regionally, and nationally in rehabilitation services.
  • Must be familiar with DMAS/Medicaid regulatory requirements.
  • QDDP designation is required.
  • Work independently
  • Be adept at providing consultation, training, and technical assistance in best practices.
  • Strong communication and public relations skills.
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Must have a valid driver's license and be insurable under Didlake's automobile policy.
  • Be willing to use your vehicle for travel.
  • Be deemed eligible for hire by DBHDS and DSS in accordance with the criminal registry background check.

Didlake, Inc. is a non-profit rehabilitation services organization. At Didlake, creating opportunities that enrich the lives of people with disabilities is our mission. Since 1965, Didlake has served thousands of people with significant disabilities by providing training, job placement, employment opportunities and day support services. We provide rewarding and purposeful work.