Margaret A. O'Reilly

Margaret A. O'Reilly

  Phone: (+1) 703-591-4900   Address: 10511 Judicial Dr Fairfax, VA - 22030, USA   Fax: (703) 591-5082

Margaret A. O’Reilly, of Hale Ball Murphy, PLC, is a community-based attorney dedicated to providing estate planning services to clients of all ages and specialized elder law services to seniors and their families.

Margaret A. O'Reilly serves clients throughout Northern Virginia and works regularly with other professionals to provide her clients with the services and assistance that they need.

Her services are intended to assist clients in addressing questions of how to protect and provide for their family members, how to protect their independence in the event of incapacity, how to identify sources of payment for long-term care and how to locate services to maintain themselves or family members at home in comfort and safety.

Estate Planning – the process of deciding how to arrange your affairs and who
you want to manage them

Elder Law – integration of legal counseling for older persons and their
representatives with advocacy for, and protection of, their needs and rights

Trust & Estate Administration – assisting the trustee and executor in
managing, administering and distributing your estate

Guardianship & Special Needs – assisting clients who wish to help their loved
ones with management of financial and personal affairs

Margaret A. O'Reilly provides counseling, advice, representation and advocacy to clients who are facing the challenges of aging or of caring for an aging family member.

She assists clients in preparing the documents necessary to provide for their children in the event of their incapacity or death, and to provide for a surviving spouse in security and comfort.

She assists clients in preparing the documents necessary to protect their independence and give them a voice in their care and treatment in the event of incapacity.

Her mission is to give you a voice in the ongoing management of your life and your assets.


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